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VIBRA Screen Bucket

At MultaVEX Oy you will find the lowest-emission, versatile screening buckets for screening soil, demolition concrete, crushed stone and crushed stone, as well as for sorting large stones. Read more below!

MultaVEX VIBRA screening buckets

MultaVEX Oy's Vibra screen buckets are the result of years of development work. The MultaVEX Vibra screen bucket has a wide range of applications; the screen bucket is suitable for demolition debris, stones, quarry, crushed stone, food soil, backfill, strainer and sand screening, and pipeline backfill. You will also find all the spare parts you need for screen buckets, such as Hardox bars, screen nets and screening elements, as well as vibratory bucket wheel loader adapters. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you on the right solution for your needs!

Features and operating principle of the MultaVEX Vibrating Screen Bucket

The MultaVEX Vibra screen bucket has a simple design and a reliable operating principle: the camshaft moves the rods at the bottom of the bucket alternately. The screen bucket screens the soil by vibrating and has no rotating parts that get stuck and break easily. The need for maintenance and repair of screen buckets is very small. Changing the screen size is easy and only takes a few minutes, so there are no long breaks to work. Screen sizes are adjustable from 25 mm in just a few minutes.

The frame material of the screen bucket is durable 400HB wear steel and all screen buckets are also available as supermodels with nails and additional reinforcements. The use of a screen bucket is cost effective and the cost of using it is only a fraction compared to rotor type screen buckets. The screen bucket needs 20 to 80 liters of hydraulic output at a pressure of 200 bar and can also be used on tiltrotators.

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