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MultaVEX Rotor

Screening bucket for fine screening

The frame material for buckets is AR 400 and for blades polyurethane.

The benefits of polyurethane blades:

  • Does not crush rocks or stumps.
  • Does not require a large hydraulic flow and pressure.
  • Blades do not get stuck even with rocky material.
  • Blades are highly resistant to wear and their replacement is really quick and inexpensive.

Advantages when compared to other manufacturers’ rotor-type equipment:

  • Sturdy, yet lightweight structure.
  • Simple and reliable.
  • If necessary, the same bucket can be equipped with both excavator and wheel loader couplings.
  • In addition to screening, the bucket can be used also in normal work → no unnecessary bucket changing.


  • Screening of topsoil.
  • Landscaping.
  • Spreading of sand, lime, fertilizers etc. easily spilling materials thanks to a solid base.

MultaVEX Rotor screening bucket is patented.

Bucket Sizes

Model Capacity Width Weight Machine Size
200 l 100 cm 240 kg 3-6 ton Excavators
Mini Wheel Loaders
Agr Tractors