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Screening buckets for every use

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Simple and reliable

Contact us, we’ll find a solution that works for you

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MultaVEX Vibra

A screening bucket for heavy use

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MultaVEX Vibra

Now with a two year warranty

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Screening Bucket Ask offer

Screening bucket is an indispensable tool on any construction site.
Every excavator owner needs a screening bucket!

MultaVEX screening buckets are the result of years of development. Our simple and reliable screening buckets are a cost-efficient solution to many needs. These products are good for screening of stones, soil and sand, building forest road foundations, filling and finishing cable and pipe lines and many other uses.

MultaVEX screening bucket is easy and quick to use

MultaVEX Vibra screening bucket does not include rotating parts or elements which are easily stuck or broken, so its need for maintenance and repair is very small. Changing the screen size takes only a few minutes. When you select MultaVEX Vibra screening bucket, you save yourself from unnecessary interruption, and the job is finished in record time.

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Example of savings made with a screening bucket

Building site preparation without a screening bucket

Transportation of miscellaneous land to a landfill site:
1 m³ = 1,6 ton
100m³ x 1.6 ton/m³ x 50 €/ton = 8000 €
Transportation 8 loads x 70 €/load = 560 €

Bringing fill and topsoil to replacement:
Fill 80 ton x 4 €/ton = 320 €
Topsoil 80 ton x 20 €/ton = 1600 €
Transportation 4 loads x 70 €/load = 280 €
Excavator work 8 h x 60 €/h =  480 €

Total costs: 11 240 €

Building site preparation with a screening bucket

Screening of miscellaneous land at the site:
Transportation of sorted stumps from the site 70 €
Transportation of sorted large stones from the site 70 €
Excavator work 8 h x 60 €/h = 480 €

Total costs: 620 €

SAVING: 10 620 €
All prices VAT 0, prices checked 12.11.2015.


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2-year warranty for MultaVEX Vibra screening buckets

2-year warranty for MultaVEX Vibra screening buckets. To all MultaVEX Vibra screening buckets which are purchased after September 2016 can be added in addition to the normal year warranty an extra year warranty by registering the bucket at our website.

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